Discord Bot List

Find the best Discord Bots and Apps for your server with our Discord Bot List, including the top music and economy apps.

A lot of communication platforms and tools are popping up these days, one however has always stood out from the crowd.

Ever since 2015, Discord has been an unstoppable force.

Discord isn’t just a place where you can talk with friends, colleagues or family, it’s a place where you can have fun, catch up with news and explore community servers that interest you.

One of the most popular and sought after features of Discord is the use of Discord Bots. Discord Bots are effectively programs that can change how the technology of these communities or “Servers” act.

With thousands of Discord bots to choose from, many users often feel overwhelmed with choice.

This is where Discordbotlist.com comes in. Discord Bots List is a growing, yet popular website which allows you to view some of the most popular bots and their very best features.

Every bot has a different “ability”, some are created to help you, some are there to make you laugh and some are there to interact with the community you’ve built.

When it comes to selecting which bot will be added to your Discord server, you’re the boss and it couldn’t be easier!

Whether you’re looking for bots for music, moderation or even levelling, Discord Bots List makes it a piece of cake by filtering down on the bots that matter most to you and your server.

In this article, we’ll help you create a short list of bots that in our opinion, are some of the world’s very best.

First up, we have Arcane Bot, this bot gives server members access to level rankings based on who has the most experience. In most cases this is usually the oldest member of the server, however the criteria can be changed anytime. Arcane allows you and your server members to check the ranking leaderboards and allows you (the admin) to check if someone was muted, banned or kicked from the server. In general, this bot gives you lots of easy to find information about members of your server all whilst providing a competitive feel.

Another useful bot that we highly recommend, which you can also find on discordbotlist.com is Vexera! To be honest, we haven’t seen a server without Vexera for a while. This bot allows users to listen to songs, and is supported by many Music platforms, such as Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud and many others! With just a few clicks, you can start listening to podcasts, music or even videos at the same time as other members on the server. Gamers are most often using Discord to communicate with each other, so that’s why there are plenty of bots that can help with the game you are playing.

There are bots for nearly all games! Take League of Legends as an example, the bot named Baron is incredibly effective, if you read the commands, you’ll see why. Baron can provide you with details about runes, abilities or even spells that exist within the game. Maybe you’re not a fan of League of Legends?

For those who love CSGO and opening cases, this bot will be perfect... CSGO Unlatch is like a case opening simulator, it creates every member of the servers inventory, in which you can collect skins that you can sell, buy or trade with others. All of these bots and features are free on Discord, why not join the platform, create a server, invite your chosen bots from discordbotlist.com and let the party begin!